Jewel Hairston

Jewel E. Hairston, Ph.D., is the Dean, Virginia State University.  She leads in developing the strategic vision and plan for the Extension and Research divisions and the academic departments of Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Hospitality Management.  In addition, she develops and fosters partnerships with other universities, as well as local, state, and federal agencies and organizations across Virginia to offer competitive educational programs to students and diverse stakeholders.  She provides leadership for more than 120 employees and 24 federal and state grant projects and is responsible for $8.3 million in federal and state funds and $4.2 million in grant funds.  Previously, she served as the Associate Administrator for Extension programs in the School of Agriculture.

In her prior role as a 4-H Youth Development Specialist, her research focus was in developing and delivering programs that address issues of bullying among today's youth.  

She is married with one daughter.