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Dean's Advisory Council: Shawn Semones

Shawn Semones

Shawn Semones started with Novozymes Biologicals, Inc. in 1999 at the completion of his Ph.D.  He is now the Director of  R&D for Novozymes BioAg Group, responsible for managing a research and development team of  more than 30 scientists.  He has global responsibility for delivering on the technology pipeline for the business, focusing on three main platforms: 1) Biofertility; 2) Biocontrol; and 3) Bio-yield enhancement 

My major areas of research expertise are Plant Physiology (how plants respond physiologically to stress), Mycology and Microbiology.  He received his BS and MS from Virginia Commonwealth University and his PhD from Virginia Tech.

The R&D team has expertise in: Plant physiology, Microbiology Mycology, Weed Science, Community and Ecosystem Ecology, PGPR, Biocontrol (fungicides, bacteriacides, insecticides, herbicides and algaecides), Entomopathogens, Entomology, Molecular Microbiology, Plant Systematics, Mycorrhizal Biology and Ecology, Crop Science, Field Agronomy, Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Pathology, Turfgrass Science, Analytical Chemistry, Seed Inoculants and Plant Breeding

Lab and field based research is conducted and dedicated to the development of microbial based technologies for improving plant health, stress tolerance, growth enhancement, and pest control for the production of more and better food, feed fuel and fiber.  The R&D efforts are in North and South America, Europe, India, SEA and Australia.