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Justin Lemkul

June 1, 2017

In August 2017, Justin Lemkul was named assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry in  the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Lemkul is one of 15 new tenure-track faculty members hired in the college. New positions were identified to bring new talent to its focus areas, such as food and health, infectious disease, biodesign and processing, and agricultural profitability and environmental sustainability. The new faculty members are distributed across teaching, research, and Extension.

Lemkul's research focuses on applying computer simulations to understanding mechanisms of protein aggregation and using new approaches to computer-aided drug design. He is particularly interested in disordered states in proteins and nucleic acids, as these are new targets for pharmaceutical design.

Lemkul was named the Outstanding Doctoral Student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in 2012, and was awarded the Outstanding STEM Dissertation by the Virginia Tech Graduate School in 2013. His postdoctoral work was funded by a fellowship from the National Institutes of Health, during which time he developed the simulation model used in his current work.