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Undergraduate: Emma Helm

May 5, 2016

Undergraduate: Emma Helm

Emma Helm is a senior in theDepartment of Animal and Poultry Sciences from Craig County, Virginia. In her four years at Virginia Tech, she has had several amazing opportunities to get involved with passion projects. Helm has been involved with several research projects working in the Gerrard lab in meat science and muscle biology, gaining a knack for laboratory techniques and the scientific method. She is also active in the Block and Bridle Club at Virginia Tech. 

Helm's most valuable experiences have come from her work in youth livestock extension. That job gave her an opportunity to not only interact with great people within the department and university, but also with 4-H and FFA youth and parents throughout the state. Organizing and assisting at contests, shows, and other events for the kids in the community allowed her to have a positive impact on people beyond the university. 

Helm will be attending Iowa State University for graduate school, with the ultimate goal of obtaining a Ph.D., and her career goal is to have a tenure-track position in an animal science program. She has had valuable opportunities to lead, teach, and learn in her time here and is excited to see what the future holds.