Sam Doak

Senior Instructor

Sam Doak started teaching in the Agricultural Technology Program in 2000 while working as a research associate at Virginia Tech on Virginia Department of Transportation projects. He became a full time instructor in 2005 and teaches Fundamentals of Turfgrass, Golf and Sports Turf Management, Turfgrass Capstone Project, Soils and Nutrient Management, Irrigation and Drainage, several experiential learning courses, and Golf Rules and Design.

Sam graduated from Old Dominion University with a business degree, received his master's degree from Virginia Tech and is pursuing a doctorate in ALCE [education]. He has lectured in Canada and the United Kingdom as well as many appearances in the Mid Atlantic. Sam’s industry experience is extensive as his past jobs have included construction, sales, chief agronomist and as a national marketing manager. These experiences brings a “real world” approach to his passion – teaching.

Sam is active in the turfgrass industry in Virginia as a member of the Virginia Turfgrass Council, Board member of the Virginia Sports Turf Managers Association, and member of NACTA, STMA, and GCSAA. Sam played and coached soccer and college rugby for about 25 years. He was a NCAA Soccer and Lacrosse referee for over 30 years and remains active with local soccer community, any excuse to stomp around on an athletic field.