Brenda French

Brenda French, a native of the area, has been with the Agricultural Technology Program since 1992.  She serves as the program’s Admissions and Student Records Coordinator.  Through her great work and friendly voice, it is evident to all that call the Agricultural Technology Program that Brenda truly enjoys interacting with prospective students and their parents.  She has a unique view of the Ag Tech program because not only does she relate well to the students that she works with daily, she also relates well to the parents.  Her son Jared graduated from Ag Tech in 1998 with an option in Landscape and Turf Management, which allowed Brenda to see the program from a different angle.  She also enjoys the fact that she is able to work with students from the application process through their graduation.  But Ag Tech was not Brenda’s first experience with Virginia Tech or agriculture.  Since 1978 Brenda has worked in the Agricultural Education, Agricultural Economics, and the Agricultural Engineering departments among others.  Brenda resides in Pembroke with her husband Kopey.  She loves being “granny” to Edy Grace and she dabbles in jewelry-making.  Being a major animal lover, Brenda enjoys spoiling her dogs, Peaches and Hershey.