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Rachel Kohl

Senior Instructor
Rachel Kohl
Rachel Kohl

Rachel joined the faculty in the fall of 2005.  She graduated from Virginia Tech with a double major in Dairy Science and Animal and Poultry Sciences in December of 2000.  She then obtained a Masters in Reproductive Physiology under the supervision of Dr. Ray Nebel.  In 2002, after receiving her masters, Rachel became herdsman for the Louisiana State University dairy herd.  In 2004, Rachel moved back to Virginia to become an Animal Science extension agent for Warren, Frederick, Clarke, Paige and Shenandoah counties.

In addition to teaching, Rachel serves as advisor for the VT Collegiate Young Farmers.  She is also academic advisor for those students interested in the area of animal agriculture.

In addition to teaching, she enjoys farming with her husband and children, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Rachel’s teaching assignment

  • AT 0504 Agricultural Technology Survey
  • AT 0164 Introduction to Animal Science
  • AT 0324 Livestock Reproduction
  • AT 0494 Dairy Management
  • AT 0614 Beef & Sheep Management
  • AT 0624 Horse Management