Every student in the Agricultural Technology Program is required to complete an internship. The internship experience should be related to the career objectives of the student and is ideally a paid work experience supervised by an industry employer.

The objectives of an Internship are to provide students with opportunities:

  • to learn about the occupation of their choice through work experience;
  • to test occupational career aspirations;
  • to develop a more mature attitude toward their academic and professional preparation;
  • to relate classroom instruction to occupational goals;
  • to experience situations that cannot be provided in the classroom;
  • to operate equipment which may not be available in the University laboratories;
  • to acquire experiences gained through business/customer and employer/employee relationships;
  • to develop personal qualities such as neatness, politeness, courtesy, and concern for colleagues and clientele; and
  • to develop skills related to the process of gaining employment (e.g. resume writing, interviewing, etc.

Students with degrees in Agricultural Technology are in great demand and have a wide variety of career opportunities. An example list of job titles is included below.



Applied Agricultural Management

  • ANR Extension Agent
  • Bio Gro Systems – Technician/Specialist
  • Chemical Applicator
  • Dairy Consultant for Southern States
  • Embryo Transfer Technician
  • Feed Salesman
  • Field Manager
  • Hatcheries Manager 
  • Mechanic
  • Owner – Farm Supply Sales
  • Park Ranger
  • Prison Farm Supervisor
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Sales Manager
  • Senior Sales Representative
  • Surveyor/Field Engineer
  • VDACS – Agricultural Grader/Inspector
  • VFB Grain Division Manager

Landscape/Turf Management

  • Garden Center Sales Manager
  • Golf Course Assistant Superintendent
  • Golf Course Superintendent
  • Grounds Superintendent
  • Landscape Designer
  • Landscape Installation Sales
  • Landscape Maintenance Sales
  • Lawn Care Specialist
  • Nurseryman
  • Self Employed
  • Sod Producer
  • Sports Turf Manager (baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse)
  • Turf Sales 
  • Urban Pest Management Technician

With Further Education

  • Agricultural Middle or High School Teacher
  • Extension Agent