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Commencement 2020

Congratulations, graduates!

A special message from Associate Dean Susan Sumner

CALS Commencement 2020



Here are some brief messages from alumni welcoming you to Hokie Alumni Nation.

Rachel Kohl
President, CALS Alumni Organization
’00 B.S., Animal and Poultry Sciences, Dairy Science
’02 M.S., Dairy Science

Elizabeth Galbreath
Vice President, CALS Alumni Organization
’17 B.S., Agricultural Sciences

Dixie Dalton
Past President, CALS Alumni Organization
’86 B.S., Agricultural Economics
’89 M.S., Agricultural Economics

Scott Stevens
Co-chair, Student Engagement Committee
’92 B.S., Animal Science

Student recognition

The following students have dedicated themselves to achieving acedemic excellence and have demonstrated the spirit of Ut Prosim by serving the college, their departments, and their peers.  

Students with distinction

GPA of 3.8 and higher

GPA between 3.6 -3.7999

GPA between 3.4 -3.5999

Student ambassadors

We would like to offer our sincere congratulations to all of the ambassadors who are graduating in 2020. We appreciate your leadership and service to the college and/ or your departments. You represented us well!

  • Maddie Apel
  • Levi Carter
  • Laura Clingenpeel
  • Skylar Elliot -Honig
  • Jeffrey Estienne
  • Trevor Guy
  • Hunter Harvie
  • Sarah Howard
  • Abby Leschinger
  • Mikala Liptrap
  • Will Looney
  • Sam Taylor
  • Zach Wall
  • Margaret Benson
  • Samuel Mefford
  • Matthew Owens
  • Kayla Blatman
  • Rachel Burton
  • Chelsea Bickley
  • Kaci Chlada
  • Skylar Merkle
  • Kayla Padilla
  • Shayna Stern
  • Sarah Vest 
  • Brittany  Boitnott
  • Kavita  Bushong
  • Garrett  Fleming
  • Helena Trevor
  • Rachel  Kanefsky
  • Caleb Van Buren
  • Caroline Alcorta
  • Inez Cabral 
  • Meghan Hueston

CALS peer mentors

Peer mentors play an important role in helping incoming freshman and transfer students get acclimated to the university setting and the requirements of their majors. Peer mentors are shining examples of what it means to be a student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

  • Rachel Burton
  • Kaci Chlada
  • Caroline Hudgens
  • Ashleigh Lowery
  • Becca Rafalowski
  • Sarah Vest
  • Tayah Andrews
  • Alisa Bondar
  • Victoria Filippone
  • Kaitlyn Gallagher
  • Grant Kawecki
  • Twyla Lee
  • Cole Martin
  • Astrid Meenan
  • Sarah Tartabini
  • Emma Wilkinson
  • Caroline Alcorta
  • Inez Cabral
  • Jayme Davenport
  • Kelsey Hoehn-Saric
  • Meghan Hueston
  • Allison Lavrinovich
  • Sarah Lilly
  • Mariah Lowman
  • Caroline Maruca
  • Jordann Nemec
  • Alexis Smith
  • Laura Stewart
  • Ali Sullivan

Virginia Tech's Aspire! awards

Addison Blackwell (HNFE '20) was recognized for her commitment to COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP through her work with the IMPACT program which guides students towards positive behaviors related to alcohol use in college.

Departmental Messages

Enjoy a congratulatory message from your department head, program, or school director.

Agricultural and Applied Economics

A message from Dr. Holt

Agricultral, Leadership, and Community Education

A message from Dr. Rutherford for all students majoring in Agricultural Sciences.

Animal and Poultry Sciences

A message from Dr. Gerrard


A message from Dr. Gillaspy

A virtual reception for Biochemistry majors will be held Friday, May 15 at 5 pm

Biological Systems Engineering

A message from Dr. Edwards

Dairy Science

A message from Dr. Gerrard


A message from Dr. Kring

Food Science and Technology

A message from Dr. Marcy



Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise

A message from Dr. Grange

School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

A message from Dr. Evans