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Spring 2022 Commencement

Graduation photo

Congratulations to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Spring and Summer 2022 Graduates! 

The College of Agricwatch.htmlulture and Life Sciences  Commencement ceremony was held at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 12, 2022 in Lane Stadium.  You can watch a recording of the ceremony here.

You can access a digital commencement program or download a printable version below. 

Video Featuring our 2022 Graduates

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Video of the Teaching Excellence Award Recipients

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We are always in awe of the accomplishments our students are able to achieve, the obstacles they are able to overcome, the impact they have on our community, and the growth that they experience across the years that they spend with us in the college.  We are proud of each and every one. Although it is hard to narrow it down amongst so many extraordianry students, we select one graduate from each department as the departmental outstanding senior. Check out the link below to read about this year's outstanding seniors! 

We would like to thank the seniors who served as college or departmental ambassadors, peer mentors, or HighFive leaders. We appreciate your service! You can view lists of some of the students who served in these roles below.  

  • Jakob Baker
  • Aleya Becker
  • Ryane Cronk
  • Sophie DeSimone
  • Ethan Desverreaux
  • Truitt Elliott
  • Eli Hoar
  • Ryan Jacobs
  • Chantal Johnson-Schuster
  • Britney Jun
  • Rachel Morrow
  • Avi Pelly
  • Dhruv Sawhney
  • Molly Simek
  • Steven Sindle
  • Macie Snelson
  • Becky Vick
  • Jackson Wilson
  • Aleya Becker
  • Hannah Browne
  •  Ryan Jacobs
  • Macie Snelson
  • Jackson Wilson
  • Tyler Baker
  • Robert "Bronco" Deeds
  • Camielle Eller
  • Amber Edwards
  • Julianne Kessler
  • Khalil Mackenzie
  • Deana Pittman
  • Joshua Powers
  • Zachary Schwarz
  • Billy Stoneman
  • Joseph Williams
  • Courtney Arches
  • Taylor Baggett
  • Alex Brinley
  • Annemarie Budde
  • Abigail Bushhouse
  • Nick Childers
  • Madisyn Dalton
  • Emily Danchulis
  • Rachel Davis
  • Michaela Day
  • Elle Fremerman
  • Alyssa Ganino
  • Dollie Gravley
  • Savannah Gregg
  • Kimberly Han
  • Hunter Hilbert
  • Alex Knopf
  • Kaitlyn McBride
  • Anna Morillo
  • Savannah Mulally
  • Autumn Mullins
  • Natalie Murphy
  • Marie Piechnik
  • Shannon Pollock
  • Lauren Provinsal
  • Claudia Putman
  • Hannah Roberts
  • Abby Robinson
  • Cheyenne Roderick
  • Meredith Smith
  • Macie Snelson
  • Nicole Springhorn
  • Nikita Wagner
  • Jessica Wheeler
  • Kathryn Woodson
  • Zhiyuan Xu