Elizabeth Wilson with her poster

Elizabeth Wilson 3rd place at VT Engage Poster Session: Buzzing about Pollinator Gardens: Promotion of Ecosystem Services
A valuable and aesthetic garden pollinator garden was designed to a source for nutrients and habitat for beneficial insects and other creatures at the Hale Y Community Garden in Blacksburg, Virginia. The project’s purpose was to establish a three season pollinator garden that will promote ecosystem services, including biological control and crop pollination, while providing future students and community groups a resource to build and implement further curriculum or other complementary projects to expand the pollinator garden.


Grace and Amy at VT Engage Poster Session

Amy Milstead and Grace McGuirk 1st place VT Engage Poster Session: Learn, Grow, Thrive!

This project was a four-week nutrition and gardening education workshop for the 3-5 year old kids participating in the Head Start program in Pearisburg, VA during the Spring of 2014. The lessons are based on food, nutrition, and agriculture to provide an experiential learning opportunity to kids that will hopefully spark their interest and desire in establishing lifelong healthy eating habits!

Stephanie Myrick at VT Engage Poster Session

Stephanie Myrick 2nd place VT Engage Poster Session: Breaking Classroom Walls

The project focuses on the creation of a syllabus as well as a packet of information for anyone wanting to lead a short-term international or domestic experience such as the trips to Arkansas or Honduras with Heifer International in collaboration with the Civic Agriculture and Food Systems minor.


  • Laina Schneider 3rd place VT Engage Poster Session: Hale-Y Community Cookstove
  • Laina Schneider Ginny-Gwen Parker Award


  • Rial Tombes Ut Prosim Award
  • Caitlin Miller and Chelsea Grave 1st place VT Engage Poster Session: Blooms, Bees, and Beneficials
  • Jeremy Muack 3rd place VT Engage Poster Session: Grape Expectations
  • Rial Tombes Ginny-Gwen Parker Award
  • Lauren Heile American Society of Landscape Architects Excellence in Landscape Architecture Studies Certificate of Honor