A goal of the Sustainability Scholars Program is to increase diversity in sustainability-related programs at Virginia Tech. As such, applications from students who identify with minority groups currently underrepresented at Virginia Tech and from first-generation college students are of particular interest.

Program Components

Program runs for an academic year, with completion in spring.

  • Stipend for experiential learning
  • LDRS 1015, fall semester
  • 1 credit seminar, spring semester 

Application Information

  • Open to all first-year, sophomore, and junior undergraduate students from all departments
  • Interest in undergraduate research, internship, and study abroad opportunities
  • Required Application Materials
    • Name and contact information for references
    • Cumulative GPA
    • Potential advisors
    • Personal Statement (500-word maximum): Provide your personal definition of sustainability. Explain your interest in the Sustainability Scholars Program. What would you like to learn more about as a potential Sustainability Scholar? Do you have any current or future goals related to sustainability?  
  • Applications are due in early March.

Contact the Sustainability Scholars Program

Kayla Harris
Graduate Research Assistant