Sam Doak,  Senior Instructor and advisor for turfgrass management students, announced his retirement in Spring 2021. Sam Doak began teaching in the Agricultural Technology Program in 2000 while working as a research associate at Virginia Tech on Virginia Department of Transportation projects. He became a full-time instructor in 2005 and taught Fundamentals of Turfgrass, Golf and Sports Turf Management, Turfgrass Capstone Project, Soils and Nutrient Management, Irrigation and Drainage, several experiential courses with the Virginia Tech athletics department, and Golf Rules and Design.

Sam taught hundreds of students about turfgrass management during his time in the Agricultural Technology program. He was known for his saying 'you mow it, I know it!' and that statement was true! In his classroom and labs, Sam combined his real-world knowledge with science based research, which allowed our students to be ready for management level positions in the Turfgrass industry in just two years. Sam also stayed active, often being asked to give presentations, in several state and national turf related organizations and had been involved with NCAA soccer since 1981.  He officiated NCAA soccer games. Sam said that he remained active with the local soccer community as an "excuse to stomp around on an athletic field." 

Sam's dedication to students was not limited to the classroom as demonstrated by his long term faculty advising for Farmhouse Faternity and trips to "turf bowl" competitions with students. As a respected instructor of the program he will certainly be missed! We hope he enjoys many sunny days and lots of great trips across the country in his retirement.