A 4-H agent and two students looking at a laptop.

Kids need us now more than ever — for educational resources, caring adult mentors and perhaps most of all, a sense of community.

Young people in particular, are experiencing a world of uncertainty as they navigate the effects of COVID-19. Children across the commonwealth have been impacted by school closures and need our help, especially those who do not have internet access. The Virginia 4-H Emergency Fund will support youth across Virginia communities, with or without Internet access, to ensure kids have access to the necessary resources and meaningful learning opportunities as the crisis continues. Our local 4-H agents are partnering with public schools to bundle 4-H curriculum packets with food supplies that are being distributed on existing bus routes to reach underserved students. This is just one example of how your support can help youth across the Commonwealth.

Your investment today in the 4-H Emergency Fund will broaden 4-H’s capacity to create and deliver hands-on learning opportunities and support for all young people, whether its today’s COVID-19 pandemic, or other emergencies if the future.