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CALS Global Strengths

Resilient agriculture and food systems

To meet growing global demand for safe and nutritious food, farmers worldwide need access to resilient crop varieties and technologies that perform in variable climate conditions. Pressure from pests, disease, drought, and extreme temperatures impact yield and food availability. With our world-class researchers, statewide research and extension facilities, and global partnerships,  CALS develops crop varieties and management practices to maintain productive and resilient agriculture and food systems.

Healthy people, animals, and planet

Healthy people, animals, and planet are essential for human flourishing. From studying interventions for chronic and lifestyle diseases, to developing environmental remediation strategies, to supporting productive and sustainable animal production while reducing environmental impacts, CALS supports health in a global context.

Global trade and food security

CALS is focused on improving human health and nutrition and sustaining agriculture and the environment. Our faculty are engaged in applied research, knowledge dissemination, and practical interventions that directly address food insecurity and malnutrition in developing countries. Improving food security and nutrition in developing countries promotes productivity, which fosters per capita income growth leading to higher purchasing power and improved economic choice. Locally and globally, we work with farmers, producer groups, industry, and government to identify and expand trade opportunities domestically and around the globe.

Thriving people and communities

Communities need access to leadership, knowledge, and opportunities in order to maximize human potential. CALS works in tandem with communities to identify and maximize community-generated knowledge and solutions. From working to increase opportunities for youth and supporting women farmers and entrepreneurs in Senegal, to working with herders in Mongolia to effectively manage natural resources, CALS has the expertise needed to develop sustainable, community-owned strategies to improve lives at home and abroad.