Water stories


“When the connection is deep, you don’t want to ruin the land,” Pittman said. “You want to be able to pass it on.”

In partnership with other agencies and local governments, Northern Neck Master Gardeners provide shoreline education.

“If there is no water, there is no life. Civilizations began where people found water,” said Venkat Sridhar.

“The big picture is that flooding across the world is increasing with climate change, but not all flooding is bad and catastrophic,” said Durelle Scott.

Virginia residents can improve water quality and protect the Chesapeake Bay, one new behavior at a time.

“If you have somebody who’s impoverished and doesn’t have access to clean water, that’s a problem that we need to address,” said Leigh-Anne Krometis.

“A small problem upstream becomes a big problem in the Chesapeake Bay,” Booher said.

New projects underpin aspirations for a research and education center on the Rappahannock.