To enter or view VAES proposals, log onto the PI Portal as you would normally log on for submitting proposals through the Office of Sponsored Programs by accessing the link, When you have logged on successfully, you will notice a “tab” on the main screen of the PI Portal, called “VAES Projects.”

  1. In order to submit a VAES proposal, click on the the “VAES Projects” tab
  2. To create a new proposal, select the type of project you wish to enter from within the “Create a new proposal” selection box in the left (blue) column. Currently, only “Hatch” proposals are being accepted.
  3. Entering information for proposals is similar to entering information for sponsored research proposals, although considerably less information is required. There are a number of yes/no questions, some of which will require the Principal Investigator (PI) to provide additional file attachments as supporting information. Additionally, file uploads for the proposal text, investigator CV, and statistical review documents are required (unless the statistical review is pending). The PI and Co-PI information is entered in the same way as sponsored research proposals (clicking the “add- pi” or “add co-pi” buttons).
  4. When the proposal information and attachments have been entered, the PI may now select any number of Co-PIs (if applicable), as well as potential individuals to perform technical reviews of the proposal. Co-PIs are added by clicking the “Add Co-PI” button. 
  5. You may start typing a Co-PIs name in the text box. Valid potential Co-PIs will be listed. Select a Co-PI, and then select the Organization to associate with the Co-PI. Click OK when complete. This will add the Co-PI to the proposal. 
  6. Technical Reviewers can be added to a proposal in a similar way. This is accomplished by clicking the “add reviewer” button at the bottom of the screen. 
  7. Virginia Tech faculty can be searched in the same way as Co-PIs. Reviewers from external agencies (Non-VT) can be manually entered in the right side of the form. External reviewers who have been previously added will appear in the drop-down list. Proposals can be saved prior to submission, or they can be saved and then submitted for approval. 
  8. In the case where the proposal was saved, the proposal will appear with a status of “Saved” in the proposal listing. Newly submitted proposals will show the status of “Submitted” in the listing. Proposals can be deleted up to the point that the College approves the technical reviews and sends the proposal out for review. Proposals can be modified until this point. If a proposal is changed, any approvals that have been applied will be reset and the proposal must go through the approval process again. As additional approval action takes place, the status column will be updated. As with regular sponsored research proposals, the user may place the mouse over the status field to see more detailed information regarding the status.
  9. Once the technical reviews have been returned and reviewed by the College, links to the review forms will appear in the proposal view form.


Susan Duncan
Associate Director, VAES
104-C Hutcheson Hall (0402)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Robin Williams
104 Hutcheson Hall (0402)
Blacksburg, VA 24061