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The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Office of Academic Programs is dedicated to the success and development of our students, faculty and staff. The college offers a diverse range of educational degree programs - from an associate's program in Agricultural Technology to bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D.    

We nurture and engage our students by: Encouraging and supporting diversity; providing personalized advising; offering exciting and challenging classes; providing hands-on learning experiences, and undergraduate research opportunities; offering career preparation and development opportunities; supporting study abroad programs.

We provide support to our faculty by: Providing resources, leadership, and grants; recognizing them with teaching and advising awards; hosting teaching and professional development symposiums; supporting participation in conferences.


Get access to all of the student forms that you might need during your time as a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences student. 

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More than $750,000 in scholarships are awarded each year in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Find out how you can apply for one of the 500+ scholarships available to our students.

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Student clubs and organizations  provide opportunities for service, leadership, and industry contacts to broaden and enrich the academic experience. Our college hosts clubs for pre-career and pre-professional students, academic interests, hobbies, and social groups as just a fraction of more than 800 student organizations available at Virginia Tech.

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VT students have been working toward an Honors education for over 40 years. Over the years, the Honors College has transformed into a platform for educational innovation that provides new ways to equip students for success.

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The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Global Programs office challenges students from all backgrounds and disciplines to explore, learn, and engage with other cultures through study abroad, international research, and outreach opportunities.

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Many graduate tuition scholarships are available to students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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Virginia Tech’s Online Master of Agricultural and Life Sciences program is uniquely positioned to meet the evolving and dynamic needs of today’s agricultural professionals, offering concentrations in the areas of applied nutrition and physical activity, education, environmental science, food safety and biosecurity, leadership studies, and plant science and pest management.

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The primary goal of the Graduate Teaching Scholar Program is to prepare interested doctoral students for a rewarding academic career.

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Susan Sumner
 / Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs

1060 Litton-Reaves Hall (0334) / 175 West Campus Drive, Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA 24061

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