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Center for Advanced Innovation in Agriculture

In the farm of the future, drones will fly over forests and crops to communicate with robots embedded in harvesting equipment on the ground. Virginia Tech is leading the charge to help local communities thrive and spark a new agricultural and natural resources economy.

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Every day, in every corner of the world, the college, Extension, and 4-H are helping communities thrive and grow the next generations of leaders. With your support, there is no limit to the impact we can make in our world.

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With 107 local Extension offices, eleven Agricultural Research and Extension Centers, and six 4-H educational centers, we are always within reach. Use the map to locate the office or center in your community.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
250 Drillfield Drive (0402)
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Dean's office: (540) 231-3724
Academic dean: (540) 231-6503


  • Leading the way Virginia Tech is committed to educating the leaders of the future — and to creating the opportunities that move leadership into action.
  • Have a mosquito problem? Look for them close to home, says expert Virginia Tech entomologist Eric Day says that when it comes to controlling mosquitoes, homeowners need to look for containers or clogged gutters where they might be breeding. Bug zappers don't work, long sleeves can help, warmer seasons give mosquitos time to breed more generations: Day shares many tips about managing these pesky blood-drinking bugs.