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Request for Overload of Hours Instruction

An overload request is used when students wish to take above the maximum number of hours in a specific term. Use this form if you would like to take over 19 credits in the fall or spring semesters, over 6 credits in the winter session, or 18 credits in summer session.

Student must meet specific overall and in-major GPA requirements; students in their first term of enrollment are not eligible to request an overload.

If the overload is approved you are still responsible for adding the extra courses, unless you are adding an independent study or undergraduate research you will need to fill out the appropriate form.

1. Complete this form during the registration period (cannot be processed during course request period); See your advisor for approval.

2. Submit the form above. 

You will be contacted if your request is DENIED or if you need to make an appointment to speak with the associate dean to discuss your request.

3. If GPA is between 2.0 and 2.5, you may request overloads only if graduating this term and these

overloads are required to complete graduation requirements. If GPA is below 2.0 you may not request overloads.

4. Processing of this form DOES NOT register you for any courses. You still must complete the course request or drop/add process to add your courses.  If you need to force add a course, please complete the ADD a Course after the Deadline Form.