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Late Request Form

Request permission to late add a course after the published deadlines. (Extenuating circumstances are required for a request to be considered.)

A Late Add is an administrative process that allows the department offering the course to override a pre-requisite, however, this is only used if you have satisfied a pre-requisite through transfer credit and the transfer credit has not been posted to Hokie Spa.

If you are using a Late Add you will be required to get the instructor's approval in writing.  You can upload this information at the bottom of the form. Copy of an email is acceptable documentation. 

If you are using a Late Drop- Different from course withdrawal. Students must use all course withdrawal credits before requesting a late drop. If request is due to medical reasons, please complete the academic relief form for Schiffert Health or Cook Counseling Center instead of completing this form. You must meet with someone in the Academic Programs office for academic relief.