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Undergraduate Research/Independent Study Authorization

Student Instructions:

  • Use the form for your college, not the college offering the course.
  • Type the required information on the second page of this request form. Information should not exceed one page.
  • Obtain necessary signatures.
  • Conflict of Interest training is required by every student participating in an externally funded UR, the timing of which is determined by the nature of the research. Explanation of this requirement can be found at . Registration for training can be found at This is a PHS (Public Health Services project, specifically NIH, CDC, & FDA; as such we understand the student must complete Conflict of Interest training before the student begins any work on the project. Date training was completed:_____________ This is a non-PHS (Public Health Service) project; we understand the student must complete Conflict of Interest Training within the first 30 days of classes for the term in which the student is earning credit for this project. Date training was/will be completed: ________________ This is NOT an externally funded project, thus the COI training is not necessary for student.
  • Submit to your major department for processing. This must be done by 5pm on the 3rd day of classes. (After this deadline, form must be submitted to your Academic Dean for approval)