In order to put together a solid plan to finish a degree, advising is critical. Advisors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are among the best resources on campus. In fact, they consistently win awards for the quality of advising they provide. Virginia Tech is a big university, but advisers make it seem like a small town where everyone knows everyone else.

Student advising is handled within the student's major department. Departmental advisers are listed below. Future students who know which department they are interested in should contact that department's adviser directly.

Advisors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Agricultural Technology

1060 Litton-Reaves Hall
Sam Doak
(540) 231-7649

Rachel Kohl
(540) 231-0994

Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education

Curt Friedel
214 Litton-Reaves Hall (0343)
(540) 231-8177

Agricultural and Applied Economics

Katie White
309 Hutcheson Hall (0401)
(540) 231-6846

Animal and Poultry Sciences

Nada Tamim
3410 Litton-Reaves Hall (0306)
(540) 231-2232


Amy Rasor
106 Engel Hall (0308)
(540) 231-8734

Dairy Science

Kathy Duncan
2440 Litton-Reaves Hall (0315)
(540) 231-5287
Fax: (540) 231-5014


Exploring Life Sciences

Jennifer Carr
1060 Litton-Reaves Hall (0343)
(540) 231-6503

Food Science and Technology

Herbert Bruce
25D FST Building (0418)
(540) 231-9570
Fax: (540) 231-9293

Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise

Renee Eaton
338 Wallace Hall (0430)
(540) 231-5987
Fax: (540) 231-3916

School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Crop and Soil Sciences, Horticulture, and Environmental Sciences
Jen Stewart
240 Smyth Hall (0404)
(540) 231-9785


IMPORTANT: Financial Aid Deadlines

Please note that there is one important financial aid deadline that falls BEFORE the Transfer Application for Admission deadline of February 15th:

To ensure that you are competitive for the maximum number of scholarships, grants, federal loans, and work-study funding, we recommend that you submit all three applications (Transfer Admissions Application, Scholarship Application, and FAFSA) by January 22. You need to submit your application for admission BEFORE you can apply for financial aid. Supporting documentation for your application for admission (transcripts, etc.) can still be submitted after January 22.

If you miss the scholarship deadline of January 22, still aim to complete your FAFSA by March 1st, as that will still make you eligible for grants, federal loans, and work-study funding.

Please know that transfer students who apply for admission after these financial aid deadlines will still be fully competitive for admission, but you may not be eligible for financial aid.


Susan Sumner

Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs

1060 Litton-Reaves Hall (0334)
175 West Campus Drive, Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA 24061

(540) 231-6503