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Non-Concentration Specific Electives
APSC 5404 Reproductive Technologies in Cattle Spring
Non-Concentration Specific Core Courses
AAEC 5034 (ab)* Agribusiness Marketing Policy and Business Strategies Summer (extended)
ALS 5134 (rm)* Community-Based Applications of Qualitative Inquiry Fall
ALS 5214 (rm)* Information Systems and Research in Life Sciences Spring (odd years)
ALS 5904 (gse)* Project and Report (Graduate School Ethics Requirement) All
Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare
APSC 5134 Applied Behavior Analysis for Animal Behaviorists Fall
APSC 5154 Behavioral Biology of Domesticated Animals Spring 
APSC 5984 Adjunctive Approaches to Behavioral Issues TBD
APSC 5184 (rm)* Research Methods for Animal Behaviorists Spring
APSC 5234 Applications of Applied Animal Behavior Summer
APSC 5984 Ethology and Welfare of Captive Animals Fall
APSC 5264 Animal Cognition Summer
APSC 5984 Literature on Applied Ethology Spring 
Applied Nutrition and Physical Activity
HNFE 5174G Advanced Nutrition and Physical Performance Fall
HNFE 5204 Translational Science in HNFE Spring (odd years)
HNFE 5214 Physical Activity and Health Spring
HNFE 5314 Business of Dietetics and Healthcare Winter (even years)
HNFE 5454 Nutrition and Disease Prevention through the Life Cycle Spring (even years)
HNFE 5644G Advanced Health Counseling Summer II
HNFE 5684 Program Development in Health Education Fall, Spring
HNFE 5694 Public Health Administration Fall, Spring and Summer I
HNFE 5984 Body Image and Disordered Eating Spring (odd years)
PHS 5034 Health Education and Health Behavior Fall
Education Concentration
ALCE 4884 Youth Program Management Fall
ALCE 5014 Principles and Methods of Non-formal Teaching and Learning Summer I (extended) (odd years)
ALCE 5044 Program and Curriculum Design in ALCE Summer I
ALCE 5054 STEM Integration in Agricultural Education Spring
ALCE 5074 Foundations of ALCE Fall
ALCE 5104 (rm)* Research Applications in ALCE Fall; Spring (even years)
ALCE 5114 Serving International Agriculture and Education Spring (odd years)
ALCE 5154 Community Partnerships and Volunteerism Summer (extended)
ALCE 5204 Evaluation of Extension and Outreach Programs Fall
ALCE 5564 International Agriculture and Diplomacy Fall
Environmental Science Concentration
BSE 5404 Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution Fall (even years)
CSES 5114 Soils for Professionals Spring and Summer (extended)
CSES 5314 Water Quality for Professionals Fall (odd years)
CSES 5324 Blending Business and Environmental Principles Spring
CSES 5444 Agronomic Topics for the Mid-Atlantic Spring
CSES 5604 Environmental Science Concepts for Professionals Summer (extended)
CSES 5864 Advanced Wetland Soils and Mitigation Spring (even years)
CSES 5874 Reclamation of Disturbed Lands Fall (even years)
Food Safety and Biosecurity Concentration
ENT 5624 Animal and Plant Biosafety and Biosecurity
FST 5034 Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices Spring (even years)
FST 5044 (ia)* Global Food Laws and Regulations Fall (even years)
FST 5614 Food Safety and Security Spring (odd years)
FST 5624 Applied Food Microbiology and Sanitation Fall (odd years)
Leadership Studies Concentration
ALCE 4884 Youth Program Management Fall
ALCE 5154 Community Partnerships and Volunteerism Summer I (odd years)
ALCE 5224 Team Science, Cooperation, and Interdisciplinary Work Spring
LDRS 5454 Leadership Foundations for Diverse Contexts Fall
LDRS 5464 (ia)* Leadership in a Global Society Spring
LDRS 5534 Cognition, Problem Solving, and Preferences for Change Fall
LDRS 5544 Leading Teams Through Change Fall
LDRS 5554 Leading Social Change Spring
Plant Science and Pest Management Concentration
ENT 5234 Managing Arthropod Pests Spring (even years) Summer I (odd years)
ENT 5624 Animal and Plant Biosafety and Biosecurity
Spring (even years)
ENT 6004 (rm)* Design and Analysis of Agricultural Experiments Spring
HORT 4324 Greenhouse Management Fall and Summer I
HORT 4654 Viticulture Fall (even years)
HORT 5764G Advanced Vegetable Crops Spring (even years)
HORT 5784G Advanced Vegetable Seeds Spring (even years)
PPWS 5204 Principles of Plant Disease Management Spring (even years)
PPWS 5214 Diseases of Crop Plants Fall and Spring
PPWS 5704 Weed Science and Management Fall (odd years)

*Fulfills a Core Course requirement (rm = Research Methodology, ia = International Agriculture, ab = Agricultural Business, re = Research Ethics)