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ALS 5024: Building Multicultural Competence in Agriculture and Life Sciences

Concentration: Agricultural and Life Sciences (Core Curriculum)
Credits: 1 graduate credits


A graduate level discussion of diversity and inclusion within the academic setting and communities:  university, national, and global.  Virginia Tech Principles of Community and appropriate avenues of redress.  Shared responsibilities and issues of privilege, bias, power, prejudice, and discrimination.  Governmental and institutional policies and their effects on diversity and inclusion.

Learning Objectives

Having successfully completed this course, the student will be able to:

  • Interpret the Virginia Tech Principles of Community as they apply to the valuing of human diversity and inclusion.
  • Consider the impact that personal actions and words have on self, others, and the communities—university, national, and global—in which we live; explain issues of privilege, bias, power, prejudice, and discrimination; and interpret concepts of multiple personal, social, and cultural identities.
  • Identify available avenues of redress and construct our shared responsibilities as active by-standers.
  • Cultivate the process of individual introspection required both to understand one’s own forms of implicit or unconscious bias and to create inclusive environments.
  • Apply effective strategies for inter- or intrapersonal conflict resolution and create pathways to individual reconciliation of unconscious or implicit bias.
  • Understand inclusion and diversity in a global context including institutional and governmental policies affecting immigration, accessibility, affordability, and related matters.
  • Interpret historical perspectives on diversity and the impact of traditions of privilege on the development of the discipline represented by the particular academic unit including inclusive pedagogy.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Graduate standing


Chevon Thorpe