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ALS 5104: Communicating Research and Leadership in Agriculture and Life Sciences

Concentration: Agricultural and Life Sciences (Core Curriculum)
Credits: 2 graduate credits


Principles and strategies for effective leadership and communication in agricultural and life sciences (ALS). Analysis, synthesis and translation of research information for use in practical settings. Effective ALS knowledge. Evaluation of research design and methodology in action research. 

Learning Objectives

Having successfully completed this course, the student will be able to:

  • Evaluate principles and strategies for effective leadership in ALS.
  • Prepare and present concepts related to ALS to a variety of stakeholder groups.
  • Analyze a relevant research topic.
  • Identify and utilize the appropriate method of communication based on the audience.
  • Evaluate the different research designs and methodologies available for conducting research.
  • Articulate why research is important or relevant in ALS.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Graduate standing


Gary Snyder