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ALS 5134: Community-Based Applications of Qualitative Inquiry

Concentration: Agricultural and Life Sciences (Core Curriculum)
Credits: 3 graduate credits


Community-based applications of qualitative inquiry in Agricultural and Life Sciences. This course will cover qualitative methodology in community-based research with a focus on ethics and inclusivity.  Interviews and focus groups inform professional best practices and enhance communication. Included is best practices for a community approach, interview facilitation, and reporting for professional audiences.

Learning Objectives

 Students should acquire facts, skills, and problem-solving abilities to:

  1.  Model best practices as a reflective practitioner while facilitating community-based projects.
  2. Construct an inclusive and ethical community-based qualitative study.
  3. Design and implement a data collection and analysis protocol incorporating interview and focus group data.
  4. Synthesize results and communicate data collection process to multiple stakeholder groups, including but not limited to, community, university extension and academic units, non-   governmental organizations, and governmental agencies.
  5. Generate a report that will enhance ability to inform practice and communicate and conduct inquiry within multiple agriculture and life sciences settings.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Graduate standing


Tiffany Drape