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ALS 5214: Information Systems and Research in the Life Sciences

Concentration: Agricultural and Life Sciences (Core Curriculum)
Credits: 3 graduate credit(s)


Research techniques and processes used in the life science professions. History of applied life sciences, structure of the scientific enterprise, the scientific method and quality assurances, researching, the literature and critically evaluating information, scientific writing, professionalism, and ethics.

Learning Objectives

 Students should acquire facts, skills, and problem-solving abilities to:

  1. Discuss the history and development of agricultural (applied) biology and its current structure. 
  2. Discuss the basis of the scientific method.
  3. Describe the requirements and procedures for the collection of research data.
  4. Explain options for conducting, facilitating, and fulfilling research objectives.
  5. Find, critically evaluate, and appropriately use information on a scientific topic.
  6. Demonstrate skills for communicating scientific information and for electronic submission.
  7. Explain the responsibilities of professionals in research and communication.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Students in this course will undoubtedly have some background in the agricultural and life sciences. A familiarity with basic sciences can likely be assumed, but no specific science prerequisite will be listed. Graduate standing.


Roger Schürch