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ENT 5234: Managing Arthropod Pests

Concentration: Entomology
Credits: 3 graduate credit(s)


Principles and techniques for reducing pest levels below those causing injury of economic importance to agriculture and forestry. Course objectives are to present concepts of pest management to enable students to formulate comprehensive approaches to solving pest problems. Emphasis will be on integrated management of crop pests, primarily of North American crops, but with consideration of international pest management as well. (3H, 3C).

Learning Objectives

Goal 1: To become conversant on the various tactics employed in pest  management issues, as well as environmental and ecological impacts.

Goal 2: To become familiar with arthropod pests and natural enemy complexes on important crops grown in North America, with additional information on international applications in pest management. Students will gain familiarity with insects in relation to human, animal and plant diseases.

Goal 3: Students will be able to identify major crops pests and make management decisions, actually implementing IPM, and integrate ecological and economic principles sufficiently to understand environmental ramifications of their decisions.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Prerequisite 1: Two semesters of biology, or:

Prerequisite 2: Two years experience in agricultural production, industry or policy.

Prerequisite 3: Graduate standing in a master's program.


Douglas Pfeiffer