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HORT 4324: Greenhouse Management

Concentration: Plant Science and Pest Management
Credits: 3 graduate credit(s)


For persons who intend to manage or advise those managing greenhouses. Includes greenhouse construction, environmental controls, disease/insect identification and management, control of plant growth, root-zone management, and marketing and management principles specific to greenhouse operations.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Locate and access literature and resources pertinent to greenhouse construction and management.
  • Discuss the characteristics of various types of greenhouses and determine suitability of house type for a particular region/climate.
  • Explain environmental controls and plant cultural methods utilized in greenhouses.
  • Outline costs associated with greenhouse construction and production.
  • Identify greenhouse pests and pathogens and access information on their control.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Prior coursework or related experience in plant growth and environmental management will provide students with a perspective and knowledge base that makes the content of this course more readily attainable.


Josh Kardos