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HORT 4784/5784: Vegetable/Advanced Vegetable Seed Production

Concentration: Horticulture
Credits: 2 graduate credit(s)
Semesters offered: Spring (even years)


A comprehensive study of production, processing, and post harvest technology applied to vegetable seeds for use as propagules. Vegetable seed pollination, harvesting, handling, packaging, testing, treatments, and identification are emphasized. The related course, Hort. 4764 Vegetable Crops, is taught during the Fall Semester, classroom, and Spring Semester, distance learning for off-campus students. We recommend taking Vegetable Crops first because that introductory course introduces the crops covered in greater detail here.  Both courses may be taken concurrently.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  •  Identify and classify major vegetable seeds
  •  Understand the environmental and cultural requirements for producing vegetable seeds
  •  Know where vegetables seeds are produced
  •  Understand the economic importance of vegetables
  •  Understand quality attributes and factors that may limit seed quality
  •  Understand treatments that are commonly applied to vegetable seeds
  •  Know the best conditions for post-harvest storage of vegetable seeds

Prerequisites and Corequisites

HORT4764 Vegetable Crops is recommended.


Greg Welbaum