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The online master's degree in Agricultural and Life Sciences  degree provides

Practical application of knowledge taught by faculty experts who are both in the classroom and in the field, researching and practicing what they teach.

Knowledge of industry competencies to effectively and strategically lead in one of the many dynamic agricultural and life science industries.

An online format that will allow you to study the world-class curriculum that Virginia Tech is known for, while earning the same regionally accredited degree as an on-campus student on your own time and at your own pace.

An integrated advanced interdisciplinary education that creates opportunities for career advancement in a variety of disciplines.

"Upon completion of the OMALS program, I was able to qualify for my dream job!  This program will equip and prepare you to do great things in your field."-Ezralee, OMALS Class of 2019

"I got exposure to great academic professionals."-Leona, OMALS Class of 2018

"I have gained the theoretical knowledge I needed to fully comprehend some of the concepts I work with every day." Brenda, OMALS Class of 2017

"The knowledge I gained has allowed me to contribute more expertise at work and I have been invited to assist on bigger projects and high-profile investigations."-Julia, Class of 2018

Student presenting at a professional conference

Graduates can look forward to positions of leadership in

  • Academia
  • Community programming
  • Cooperative Extension
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Health Education
  • Industry
  • Local and State Municipalities
  • Natural Resources and Conservation
  • Non-profit Agencies
  • State and Federal Regulation Agencies (OHSA, DEQ)



Develop skills in management, marketing, economics, finance, policy, and quantitative analysis with courses including:

  • Strategic Agribusiness Management
  • Agribusiness Finance and Risk Management

Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare

Expand your understanding of behavioral principles to improve the lives of animals and their caregivers with courses including:

  • Applications of Applied Animal Behavior
  • Behavioral Biology of Domestic Animals

Applied Nutrition and Physical Activity

Enhance human performance and prevent and treat lifestyle-related disease with courses including:

  • Nutrition and Disease Prevention through the Life Cycle
  • Public Health Administration


Advance teaching, learning, leadership, extension and communications skill sets in this dynamic and evolving field with courses including:

  • Principles and Methods of Non-formal Teaching and Learning
  • STEM Integration in Agricultural Education

Environmental Science

Effectively and strategically lead to solve real-world envrionmental problems with courses including:

  • Environmental Science Concepts for Professionals
  • Water Quality for Professionals

Food Safety and Biosecurity

Build knowledge in the microbiological safety of food including the development and enforcement of laws and regulations affecting food production and processing with courses including:

  • Applied Food Microbiology and Sanitation
  • Global Food Laws and Regulations

Leadership Studies

Gain the expertise necessary to lead in a diverse and multicultural environment and become an agent of change in the community with courses including:

  • Leadership Foundations for Diverse Concepts
  • Leading Teams Through Change

Plant Science and Pest Management

Gain a sophisticated understanding of this interdisciplinary field with specialized skills in areas such as weed science, plant pathology, and crop management with courses including:

  • Biotechnology in Agriculture and Society
  • Greenhouse Management
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