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Interested in getting more involved with the CALS Alumni Organization?



We have several opportunities to serve on committees that provide programming around the following priorities:

Purpose: To build goodwill by providing opportunities for alumni to network and interact with each other, and with College faculty, staff, and students. A special effort will be made to engage young alumni and to strengthen their affinity to the College and the Alumni Organization.

Purpose: Increase the opportunities for students to engage with alumni in support of their academic and career pursuits and to build a strong affinity to the College and the Alumni Organization. Engaged students become engaged alumni.

Purpose: To recognize and honor the achievements of CALS alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends.

Purpose: To support the educational needs and goals of our students.

Purpose: To assist the College in recruiting and retaining a high-quality and diverse pool of undergraduate students.

Let us know your interests in the following survey and we will be in touch with ways for you to get involved.



Ready to be a mentor to a student? Join Hokie Mentorship Connect.  

  1. Log into the platform; you must create an account first. You can use your VT login, an email or your LinkedIn account.
  2.  Select the "Group" tab on the home page.
  3.  View available discussion board groups and select "CALS Mentoring Discussion Board" from the list of "all groups."
  4.  Selecting the button to "Join Group" which will send a request to the CALS Mentoring Discussion Board Group admin.
  5.  After being approved, you will be a member and gain access to the content on the board and be able to engage with others.