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Innovative Agriculture Centers in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Mike Evans ’85, Director and Professor of Controlled Environment Agriculture in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences.

Innovative Agriculture Centers in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Mike Evans ’85, Director and Professor of Controlled Environment Agriculture in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences.

A Discussion on the Current State of the U.S. Healthcare Sector

Jeb Dunkelberger '12 CEO, Sutter Health | Aetna and Dr. Stella Volpe '87, '91 Head, Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise

Join guest lecturer and HNFE alumnus, Jeb Dunkelberger, as he discusses the current state of the U.S. healthcare sector, its impact on the nation’s economy, how we all have a role to impact change, and the most promising areas of opportunity for HNFE degrees and careers.

HNFE Alumni and Stakeholder Forums

Join Dr. Stella Volpe ’87, ’91 for the presentations from her Alumni and Stakeholder Forums. The first half of the video is the recording from her forum on foods and dietetics and the second is from her forum on exercise.

The Biochemistry of COVID-19: Variants, vaccines, and viability

Join us for a discussion on the biochemistry of COVID-19. Dr. Glenda Gillaspy and Dr. Ryan Burnette ’99, ’05 will debunk myths as they evaluate the safety and efficacy of current SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, explain the processes in which these vaccines were made and tested, and predict what the remainder of the year has in store in terms of mitigation and spread.

HokieTalks: Experiential learning and student success

Join us to learn how Virginia Tech students are getting hands-on, real world experiences in our latest HokieTalk.

Advancing Virginia’s Agriculture Industry

In celebration of National Agriculture month, Dean Alan Grant and the CALS Alumni Organization brought together three esteemed CALS alumni for a panel discussion on Virginia Agriculture. By capitalizing on the diversity of agriculture and fostering partnerships with CALS and Virginia Cooperative Extension, the Commonwealth is poised to continue to be a leader on the national and global stages. This discussion highlights innovation, conservation practices, economic development in ag-based communities, and effective communications strategies that positively impact the future of agriculture and the prosperity of all citizens.

Healthy Habits: Busting Myths and Creating Balance

The internet is flooded with information on ways to improve your diet, but not all of that information leads to healthy habits. Join Heather Cox ’97, ’08, Senior Instructor in the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise for a discussion with Emily Massi, RDN, LDN and graduate student, Katie Smith to learn how to digest diet information into sustainable habits!

ALCE Alumni & Stakeholder Forums

Dr. Tracy Rutherford, professor and department head of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education, hosted two alumni and stakeholder forums. This video captures the full recording from her forum on leadership and community development and the portion of her first forum specific to education.

Choices and Challenges of Food Systems

CALS faculty panelists share their expertise as it relates to livestock, biotechnology, and food safety as they demonstrate the successes and challenges for producers who work to provide a safe and economical food supply, employ sustainable practices, and adapt to ever-changing consumer preferences.

Exploring Life Sciences Career Opportunities

Featuring Jeni Lamb Rogers ’10 AAEC, ’11 PSCI, Taylor Wilson ’15 HNFE, Adam Murray ’15 APSC, FST, Ronson Ho ’18 HNFE, Jessica Jones ’04 AGED, IDST, and Elizabeth Galbreath ’17 AGSC

CALS Virtual Celebration of Ut Proism

Bringing the Inside Out

Are you interested in creating outdoor living spaces so that you can expand your usable living space into your backyard? Learn from Steve Grigg ’76, former owner of Grigg Design, Mike Hildebrand ’74, owner of James River Nurseries, and Scott Douglas, director of the Hahn Horticulture Garden, as they discuss design elements you can incorporate into your own landscape.

Interviewing and Networking In All Settings

Learn from Parker Welch ’11 and Elizabeth Galbreath ’17 as they discuss tips on successful networking and interviewing, especially in the agriculture and life sciences community.

Leading through change

Navigating change often leaves us uncertain about how best to approach the complexities that exist in problem solving and decision making. Clarity in communication is critical on many levels and unpacking opportunity, motive, and resources are necessary for success. Learn from Dr. Megan Seibel as she discusses aspects of leadership during times of stress and how to leverage our differences when working together.

What’s in Your Water? Applied Research, Extension Outreach & Experiential Learning

Join Associate Professor Leigh-Anne Krometis, Extension Associate Erin Ling, and current Water Resources, Policy, and Management undergraduate Isabel “Izzy” Largen to learn about some of the technical and environmental challenges that can make getting safe water to the household tap difficult.

They’ll highlight the ways current Virginia Cooperative Extension and education programs aim to inform and empower Virginia families to ensure their drinking water is safe and satisfying to drink!

Understanding your credit

August 2, 2020

It is easy to make mistakes with your credit that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

Are you interested in learning to make wise credit decisions so you don't pay more than you should when you take out your next debt?

Join Travis Mountain, assistant professor and financial and economic well-being Extension specialist, as he discusses the factors that contribute to your credit score, upcoming changes to credit scoring models, and things to be aware of related to credit and COVID-19.

The Other Epidemic

July 15, 2020

Lyme disease has become one of the most discussed and debated topics in human health, affecting upwards of 400,000 Americans each year.

Join Dr. Brandon Jutras, Lyme disease expert, as he discusses past and future challenges, and what his team at Virginia Tech is doing to tackle this pervasive problem.

The Dog and Pony Show

June 10, 2020

Join us as Dr. Feuerbacher discusses her lab's research and outreach, including improving shelter dog welfare, training community dogs to detect agricultural threats, and using progressive training methods to improve horse behavior.

10 tips for a successful home garden

May 27, 2020

Homefield Farm is a six-acre educational farm that grows fruits, vegetables and herbs for Virginia Tech dining services, and serves as a site of experiential student learning, interdisciplinary research, and community outreach.

Join us as Alex Hessler, the Director of the farm, shares his expert tips that you can implement at home!

Biochemistry of Coronavirus Virtual Event

May 6, 2020

Interested in learning about the molecular biology of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)?

Join us to learn how scientists are developing treatments, vaccines, and using pre-print servers to distribute data in order to fuel new ideas and approaches to combat COVID-19.

How Virginia Cooperative Extension is Fighting Food Insecurity in Virginia

Dr. Elena Serrano
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Director, Virginia Family Nutrition Program