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Summer 2023

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    Germany: Practical & Theoretical Brewing & Culture , redirect

    This exchange provides students with the unique opportunity to learn about brewing technology and quality at the oldest continuously operating brewery in the world in Freising, Germany. You will be enrolled in a course at TUM which equates to a 3 credit course at Virginia Tech as a part of a bilateral exchange with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) that will take place over a period of four weeks during the summer semester. Topics covered will include brewhouse design, quality control standards, raw materials (hops, yeast, malt, water), beer filling and packaging, and draught dispensing technology.

Spring 2023

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    Ireland: Applications of Kinesiology and Sport Science , redirect

    Ireland offers fantastic opportunities for students to visit and study the model of sport, sport medicine, history, and culture. Sport in Ireland is deeply rooted to the country's history and, in some cases, its struggle for independence and identity. Irish Sport provides contrast to many other countries because of the combination of traditional Gaelic Games such as Gaelic football and hurling, and non-traditional games such as soccer, rugby, and cricket. This program educates students on the history and culture of Ireland while simultaneously going inside the European model of club sports.

Winter 2022-23

Fall 2022

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    Australia: Learning about Australia’s Culture, Agriculture, Crops and Cropping Systems , article

    Australia is one of the major agricultural producers and exporters in the world. More than 61% of Australia’s landmass is used for farming (including row crops and grasslands). Australia produces a wide range of high-quality cereal crops – primarily wheat, barley, oats, maize, sorghum, and triticale, as well as other crops such as oil crops (canola, sunflower) and grain legumes (lupine, field peas, chickpeas, lentils, fava beans, etc.) and a large variety of horticultural crops. The course will explore many cropping systems, both irrigated and dryland, across two distinct regions in Australia - grassland and temperate regions. Learn about mixed farming systems – where crop production is integrated with animal production.