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2020 Dean's Award: Employee of the Year Winner

CALS Employee of the Year Kim Waterman

Kim Waterman

Waterman, a laboratory manager in the Department of Food Science and technology, helped get Food Science and Technology up and running in the HABB1 and set up the new BSL-2 food microbiology labs. She led the development of all of the new biosafety documentation for the new lab and helped faculty create their own tailored biosafety plans based on their research.

Waterman also maintains inventory and equipment, ordering and receiving supplies, calibrating and repairing instruments, maintaining and updating the bacterial culture collection, enforcing safety procedures, hazardous waste disposal, and proper autoclave use.

She also became more integral in instructing and assisting graduate students in their research endeavors. Key education that she provides to these students include: proper media preparation, aseptic techniques and microbiological procedures, instrumentation operation, proper cleaning and sanitation, and waste management.