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Past Employee of the Month Award Winners

July Stephen Urick, Research Specialist, Virginia Seafood AREC
January             Dana Beegle, Publications and Marketing Coordinator, Pesticide Program, Entomology
February Jessica Dotson, Extension Support Specialist, VCE/Animal and Poultry Sciences
March Rosemary Life, 4-H Youth Program Educator, Rockingham Cooperative Extension
April Kelly Peeler, Water Quality Lab Manager, Biological Systems Engineering
May Kim Kitts, Fiscal Technician, ALCE
Margaret Kenny, Administrative and Office Specialist III, Southern Piedmont AREC
July Karen Barnhart, Human Resources Coordinator, CALS Administration
August Madison Venhuizen, Assistant Manager, Meat Center/Animal and Poultry Sciences 
September            Michelle Lee, Agricultural Specialist III, Eastern Virginia AREC
October Ling Li, Financial Analyst, Biological Systems Engineering 
November Carrie Jubb, Research Specialist, Entomology
December Katie Woodward, Unit Administrative Assitant, VCE Madison County
January             Alex Hood, Communications Associate/Administrative Assistant, Food Science and Technology
February Judy Keister, Administrative Assistant, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
March Cynthia Hurst, 4H Program Assitant, Pulaski Cooperative Extension
April Daniel Eanes, Electronics Technician, Biochemistry
May Kathryn Dunn, Unit Administrative Assistant, Bland Cooperative Extension
Kim Waterman, Laboratory Manager, Food Science and Technology
July Lauren Seltzer, Executive Secretary Senior, Easter Shore AREC
August Yvonne Hurst, Unit Administrative Assistant, York Cooperative Extension 
September            Diana McHenry, Lab Research Specialist II, Alson H. Smith Jr. AREC
October Shannon Woodcock, Unit Support Staff - Orange Co Cooperative Extension 
November William McCaleb, Agricultural Technician, Halifax Cooperative Extension
December Debbie Carroll, Administrative Assitant, Ag LeadershipCommunity Education
January Kathy Sturgill, Unit Administrative Assistant, Roanoke/Salem Virginia Cooperative Extension
February              Vicki Keith, Fiscal Coordinator, Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education
March Jillian Broadwell, Communication and Outreach Specialist, Agricultural and Applied Economics
April Jasmine Robertson, Administrative and Fiscal Assistant, Finance Office, CALS Administration
May Lareka Washington, Unit Administrative Assistant, Fairfax County, Virginia Cooperative Extension
Melissa Wright, Laboratory Manager, Food Science Technology
December Gail Jamison, executive secretary senior, Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center
November Brandon Lester, environmental monitoring technician, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
October Allison Walters, unit administrative assistant, Powhatan County Cooperative Extension
September Mike Ellis, research specialist, Tidewater Agricultural Research and Extension Center
August Taneka Womble, unit administrative assistant, Sussex County Cooperative Extension
July Tracy Smith, fiscal technician, Finance Office, CALS Administration
June                       Mark Vaughn, research specialist, Eastern Virginia Agricultural Research and Extension Center
May Octavia Walker, unit administrative assistant, City of Alexandria Cooperative Extension
April Tia Powell, family nutrition program assistant, Greensville County/City of Emporia Cooperative Extension
March Ann Sandbrook, wine analysis lab specialist senior, Department of Food Science and Technology
February not awarded
January Patsy Neice, fiscal coordinator, Department of Plant Pathology. Physiology and Weed Science
December Karen Dove, office manager, Department of Biochemistry
November Sandy Seals, unit administrative assistant, Bedford County Cooperative Extension
October Catherine Parsons, laboratory specialist, Department of Dairy Sciences
September                 Lisa Laliberty, 4-H mentor educator, Henry County/Martinsville Cooperative Extension
August Pamela Worrell, administrative and office specialist III, Tidewater AREC
July Whitnee Askew, turfgrass program manager, Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 


June Paul Chumbley, research specialist senior, Horticulture
May Debbie Hash, unit administrative assistant, Grayson County Cooperative Extension
April Shannon Grayson, unit administrative assistant,  Goochland County Cooperative Extension
March Donna Bostock, housekeeping worker, Facilities Services
February Virginia Croushorn, unit administrative assistant, Rockingham County Cooperative Extension
January Judy Keister, office manager and administrative assistant to department head, Crop and Soil Environmental Science


December Jeanell Smith, family nutrition program assistant, Lynchburg Cooperative Extension
November Helene Doughty, research specialist, Hampton Roads AREC
October Melanie Huffman, financial coordinator, Biochemistry
September Dumitru Branisteanu, field research technician, Biological Systems Engineering
August April Mays, administrative assistant, Page County Cooperative Extension
July Chris Ellke, agricultural specialist, Southern Piedmont AREC


June Barbara Wills, administrative assistant, Biological Systems Engineering
May Sharon Flippo, administrative assistant, Stafford County Extension
April Karen Barnhart, human resources and benefits administrative assistant, CALS HR
March David Dunaway, agricultural technician, Eastern Virginia AREC
February Cynthia Beatty, scholarship coodinator, Office of Academic Programs
January Stephanie Slocum, dean's office coordinator, Office of the Dean


December Jeff Burr, research specialist senior and greenhouse manager, Horticulture
November Robin Williams, federal projects coordinator and administrative assistant, CALS Research Office
October John Mason, research specialist, Eastern Shore AREC
September Denise Dodd, database specialist, Entomology
August Ryan Mays, research specialist, Entomology
July Sammi Kent, administrative assistant, Greensville County/City of Emporia Extension