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Image of Margaret Kenny

June 2021 Employee of the Month - Margaret Kenny

Margaret’s nominator praised her dedication

“Margaret’s dedication and commitment to helping others and her own professional development are unparalleled. She has earned the respect of colleagues with how she conducts herself, performs her duties, and interacts with everyone she comes in contact with. Margaret took the initiative during COVID-19 to increase her skills to enhance our digital presence and mastered new equipment. These activities include creating videos from PowerPoint presentations for field days and agricultural production programs and creating and editing online educational modules for STEM and community programs that are then posted on YouTube and Facebook. Margaret always takes the initiative to take on tasks that arise in the course of events that she sees need to be carried out and she carries those out often without needing to be asked. This includes working with the farm manager on the programing of the switch gear for the irrigation system, overseeing installation of the network in the Cox Road building to ensure everything was fully functional, and acting as the liaison with contractors for the restroom renovations during lock-down which included setting up bi-weekly Zoom meetings for the contractor to meet with campus personnel that could not come to the site to perform inspections and updates. Margaret is devoted to the goals and objectives of the Extension and research programs at SPAREC and directly enhances the positive image of Virginia Tech.”