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2019 Research Excellence Award Winner: Kang Xia, for Basic Research

Research Excellence Award Winner Kang Xia

Kang Xia, Professor, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Kang Xia has developed an internationally recognized environmental chemistry program focusing on environmental fate and impact of anthropogenic organic chemicals. Her work during the past 5 years has provided new evidence to scientific communities, policy makers, and the public about the impacts of widespread antibiotic usage on the environmental and human health. Her recent work on fate and impact of antibiotics in animal manure-impacted agroecosystems has brought national attention, and in particular within the Chesapeake Bay states, to the importance of developing best manure management technologies that have co-benefits of reducing nutrient and emerging contaminants pollution. She has presented 20 invited talks to state, national, and international audiences and served on advisor committees on emerging contaminants. She has authored or co-authored 65 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and 120 conference presentation abstracts. As PI and co-PI she has received >$11 million in grant funding.