CALSFA Officers 2017-2018
President Catherine Larochelle
Agricultural and Applied Economics
315 Hutcheson Hall
President-elect Robert Grange
Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
1981 Kraft Drive, 1029 ILSB
Vice President Jennifer Jones
CALS-Academic Programs
1060 Litton-Reaves Hall


Ryan Stewart
Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
241 Smyth Hall


Jon Vest
Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Crop & Soil Sciences
Representatives to College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Committees and Governance (2-year term)

Committee on Academic Program Policy

(Seven faculty members elected by the CALS Faculty Association)

Susan Day (HORT)-term ends 6/2018

Madlyn Frisard (HNFE)-term ends 6/2018

Matthew Spindler (ALCE)-term ends 6/2018

Nicolin Girmes-Grieco (HNFE)-term ends 6/2019

Wesley Qwaltney (ATP)-term ends 6/2019

Kang Xia (CSES)-term ends 6/2019

Joseph Eifert (FST)-term ends 6/2019

Committee on International Program Policy

(One faculty from each CALS Department nominated by the Department Head- all terms end 6/2019)

Jeffrey Alwang (AAEC)

Tiffany Drape (ALCE)

Joe Guthrie (ATP)

Cindy Wood (APSC)

Jinsong Zhu (BCHM)

Zach Easton (BSE)

Matthew Eick (CSES)

Kristy Daniels (DASC)

Igor Sharakhov (ENTN)

Haibo Huang (FST)

Megan O'Rourke (HORT)

Vivica Kraak (HNFE)

Jim Westwood (PPWS)

Committee on Research and Extension Program Policy

Five faculty from CALS (to include one from an AREC) sit on this committee, each for two-year terms

Erin Ling (BSE)-term ends 6/2018

Kang Xia (CSES)-term ends 6/2018

John Fike (CSES)-term ends 6/2018

David Close (HORT)-term ends 6/2019

Kimberly Morgan (AAEC)-term ends 6/2019

CALS Governance Council

Four faculty members elected by the CALS Faculty Association

Maria Balota (PPWS/AREC)-term ends 6/2018

Brian Benham (BSE)-term ends 6/2018

Susan Clark (HORT)-term ends 6/2019

Erin LIng (BSE)-term ends 6/2019


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Representatives to University Governance (3-year term)
Academic Support Committee Samuel Doak-term ends 6/2019
Athletics Committee (CALS rep) Holly Scoggins-term ends 6/2019
Commission on Outreach and International Affairs Kang Xia-term ends 6/2020
Commencement Committee Jamie Cowell-Lucero-term ends 6/2020
Commission on Research Andrew Nelson-term ends 6/2019
Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies Caroline Leeth-term ends 6/2020
Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies Sally Paulson-term ends 6/2018
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Monica Ponder-term ends 6/2018
Graduate Curriculum Committee Madlyn Frisard-term ends 6/2020
Library Committee Jactone Ogejo-term ends 6/2020
University Advisory Council on Strategic Budgeting and Planning Benjamin Tracey-term ends 6/2018
University Curriculum Committee for General Education Renee Eaton-term ends 6/2018
University Council Mary Merchant-term ends 6/2020