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We connect students and faculty in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with opportunities for global learning, discovery, and engagement.

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COVID-19 Updates related to overseas study

CALS Global in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences connects students and faculty to the world and builds partnerships between CALS and global partners.

Meaningful international engagement opportunities allow faculty and students to serve globally, enrich communities at home and abroad, and develop partnerships to address the most challenging issues faced by society.

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    International Programs for Students

    Students, search here for study abroad courses, internships abroad, scholarships, and fellowships to support your global learning goals.

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    Supporting Faculty

    We support the global aspirations of our faculty by building partnerships abroad, building individual capacity for global engagement, and providing seed grants to enable faculty to pursue global opportunities.

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    Partner with CALS Global
    Partner with CALS Global

    Partnerships are vital for achieving our ambitions. Search here to learn more about how we work with partners around the globe.

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    Global Agricultural Productivity Initiative
    Global Agricultural Productivity Initiative

    CALS Global hosts the GAP Initiative and the annual GAP Report. It is a collaboration between the private sector, NGOs, conservation organizations, universities, and global research institutions that makes the case for agricultural productivity growth to meet the needs of a growing world. “The Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is well positioned to serve as a host for the [GAP Report] given the breadth of its programs in food, agriculture, and nutrition and its emphasis on addressing global food security issues.” - Tim Sands, President, Virginia Tech



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    Ozzie Abaye standing in a field with a group in Senegal. A line of trees in the background.
    Mung bean: Nutrient rich legume for Senegal , redirect

    Since 2019, Virginia Tech, in collaboration with Counterpart International, has been investigating the potential of mung bean to address malnutrition and food security in Senegal. The project seeks to create acceptance and increase consumption in communities to address malnutrition and food insecurity.

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    Poor and climate-vulnerable regions hard hit by nationwide lockdowns
    Poor and climate-vulnerable regions hard hit by nationwide lockdowns , redirect

    The Sundarbans region of India, devastated by COVID-19 lockdown, tells a story for other poor and climate-vulnerable regions of the world.

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    The 2021 CAL Global Opportunity Initiative Fellows
    2021 CALS Global Opportunity Initiative Fellows , article

    CALS Global is pleased to introduce the 2021 Global Opportunity Initiative Fellows. This year, ten Fellows from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine will participate in this cohort-based faculty development program geared towards capacity building, network development, and building teams to pursue global initiatives.

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    Tom Thompson, CALS associate dean and director of Global Programs, in Kenya
    About CALS Global

    CALS Global builds partnerships, drives thought leadership, and creates opportunities – to serve globally. Learn more about our mission and our team.

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