The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Global Programs Office connects students and faculty to the world. Meaningful international engagement opportunities allow faculty and students to serve globally, enrich communities at home and abroad, and develop partnerships to address the most-challenging issues faced by society.

CALS in the World

Virginia Tech researcher, David Notter, visits with a herding family in Mongolia.
During his visit to Mongolia, David Notter spent time getting to know herding families.

David Notter and Shayan Ghajar are familiar with Mongolia's history, but now, after spending time in the country, they are more intimately acquainted with its rangelands and nomadic inhabitants. Well-versed in animal husbandry and the grazing needs of livestock, the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty member and Virginia Cooperative Extension expert were nominated by the college’s Global Programs Office to visit Mongolia for the Farmer-to-Farmer Program.

Professor Ozzie Abaye and  students in Ecuador
Professor Ozzie Abaye (foreground) led a group of students on a trip to Ecuador to learn about food security.

A group of students from the  College of Agriculture and Life Sciences spent two weeks in Ecuador to better understand food security and production challenges  and to learn how agriculture can be used as a means to help the world.

Girls in rural Niger grind millet
Girls in rural Niger grind millet, the county's primary grain and a major source of income and nutrition.

Virginia Tech researchers have demonstrated the effectiveness and economic feasibility of using insects to increase food security in one of the world’s poorest countries – Niger.

CALS in Service

Virginia Tech President Tim Sands explains how the university works inside the commonwealth and across the globe to help increase crop yields while reducing the use of toxic chemicals.

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