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    Virginia Tech receives record $80 million grant to help farmers implement climate-smart practices that could significantly reduce greenhouse gases , redirect

    It is the largest grant received in the university’s history. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will distribute at least $54 million to producers to enact climate-friendly practices and serve as a pilot program for a national model.

    Date: Sep 28, 2022
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    International collaboration and outreach: GOI in East Africa

    As part of the Global Opportunity Initiative (GOI), the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) in conjunction with the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine successfully ran an international collaboration and outreach summer visit to Kenya and Uganda. The objective of this year’s GOI visit was to understand Kenyan agri-food systems from a non-academic lens. A team of three GOI fellows - Dr. Natalie Cook, Dr. Tessa Lecuyer, and John Ignosh - three CALS Global staff (Dr. Tom Thompson, Dr. Jessica Agnew, and Dickson Otieno), and VCE’s Ben Grove visited and engaged in discussions with key partners.

    Date: Aug 31, 2022
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    Congratulations to CALS Global Student Leaders!

    The CALS Global Student Leaders Program was designed for students eager to tackle complex issues in agriculture, food security, and health. For challenges that transcend geographic boundaries and sectors, leaders for the next generation need to practice and develop skills such as critical thinking, leadership, and systems-thinking to create meaningful impact. The Inaugural Program kicked-off this spring with students representing five CALS schools and departments.

    Date: Aug 31, 2022
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    Fall 2022 CALS Global Scholar, Anubhab Gupta, to Conduct Research for World Food Programme Cambodia

    Dr. Anubhab Gupta, assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, has been named the Fall 2022 CALS Global Scholar. This semester, the Global Scholar award will be used to build connections with the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, the World Food Programme, to support the research needs of the Cambodia Country Office. As the CALS Global Scholar, Gupta will work with WFP Cambodia to understand the economic impact of rice fortification and help construct a framework to analyze the economic costs and benefits of rice fortification. PhD candidate Yoonjung Lee will work with Dr. Gupta on this research project.

    Date: Aug 31, 2022
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    Jessica Agnew joins CALS Global as Associate Director

    Jessica Agnew accepted the position of associate director for CALS Global in February 2022. She brings with her extensive experience and global network in agriculture and life sciences. Her research and strengths as an ideator and implementer will support the CALS Global strategy and development as a unit.

    Date: Aug 29, 2022

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