CALS Global released the 2021 Global Agricultural Productivity Report (GAP Report), “Strengthening the Climate for Sustainable Agricultural Growth,” on October 20, 2021. The virtual event featured an outstanding panel with expertise in small-scale mechanization, seed system development, livestock genetics, and farming in Europe.  The program is available to watch on the GAP Initiative website.

The 2021 GAP Report raises concerns about regional and global levels of agricultural productivity growth – producing more agricultural products with the same amount or less inputs. While total factor productivity (TFP) remains the primary source of agricultural output growth globally, the GAP Report reveals new data from USDA indicating that productivity is not growing as fast as previously thought.

Globally, TFP is growing at 1.36 percent annually, below the 1.73 percent target set by the Global Agricultural Productivity Index to sustainably meet the demand for food, feed, fiber, and bioenergy in 2050.  Most concerning is TFP in low-income countries (LICs) where many small-scale farmers live.  For the first time the data indicate that TFP is contracting in LICs, at an average annual rate of -0.31 percent.

TFP growth varies widely from country-to-country.  An interactive map on the GAP Initiative website shows TFP growth rates and additional key data points for 173 countries. To read the report and download resources, visit the GAP Initiative website: