Fulbright Fellow, Mohammad Golam Farouque, was a guest of Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture (CALS), Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE), CALS Global, and the Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education (ALCE) Department on July 27. Dr. Farouque is a professor at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) and has served as BAU’s director of Extension. He is currently participating in the Fulbright Scholar Program. Dr. Joseph Donaldson, Extension Education Specialist and Assistant Professor from North Carolina State University is serving as Dr. Farouque’s Fulbright host and accompanied him during his visit. In Blacksburg, Dr. Farouque was able to share and learn about Extension programming. He also  explored potential collaboration related to community education and engagement, adult and youth education, natural resources management, and Extension programming.

Dr. Farouque kept a full schedule, meeting with faculty and graduate students in ALCE and Animal and Poultry Science as well as VCE administration at Virginia Tech. He provided a seminar to VCE entitled “Paradigm Shift of Agricultural Extension Services in Bangladesh.” The presentation provided a history of extension programming in Bangladesh and insight into current opportunities for improvement.

Written by Dr. Karen Vines