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Global Student Leaders Program

The challenges of today and tomorrow will not only require technical skill, but also creativity, passion, commitment, and courageous leadership. Apply today to learn how you can be part of the solution! The deadline is December 8, 2023.

corn farm showing corn ready for harvest in the field
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The CALS Global Student Leaders Program is designed for students eager to tackle complex issues in agriculture, food security, and health in a global context. For next-generation leaders to be able to tackle these issues that transcend geographic boundaries and sectors, skills in critical thinking, leadership, and systems thinking will be in high demand.

This five-session program offers students the opportunity to develop these skills, providing professional and personal development that will prepare students for careers in the global landscape of agriculture, food security, and health. It will also provide an opportunity for students to interact with experienced professionals in these sectors and learn from real-world examples of solving complex challenges.

Students will leave the program with:

  • A stronger understanding of complex issues framed through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The skills to identify how to break down complex challenges.
  • Presentation experience, focusing on how to convince diverse audiences why action is required.
  • Confidence as a leader in addressing complex challenges and in the workplace more generally.
  • Other practical tools and skills you can immediately apply to your coursework.
  • The opportunity to interact with industry leaders and exposure to the development community in Washington DC.

Students who complete the program will participate in a trip to Washington, DC to interact with industry leaders and learn from real-world examples of how to tackle complex challenges in the workplace.

  • You are interested in understanding complex (systemic) issues that span sectors and geographic regions
  • You have a strong desire to further your leadership skills 
  • You know about and want to connect your work to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 
  • You want to better utilize your current network at Virginia Tech (and expand it!)
  • You want an academic experience that deviates from the norm, where you’re expected to help design your own experience
  • Eligibility: You must have completed at least three semesters enrolled in VT prior to the program commencement OR you’re a transfer students who has completed at least one semester at VT before program commencement
    • Note: preference will be given to CALS majors
  • Application: You must complete an application and submit a letter of recommendation from one VT faculty member
  • Time commitment:  You should plan for approximately 20 hours of in-person meeting time over the course of the spring semester (Delivered in person on Blacksburg Campus). 

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Now accepting applications!

The deadline is December 8, 2023.