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Laboratory (1949) [Currently Metabolic Engineering Laboratory]

1920: The Department of Agricultural Engineering was established with a focus on the food and fiber industry.

1968: The Department of Food Science and Technology was founded at Virginia Tech in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

1992: Agricultural engineering was renamed the Department of Biological Systems Engineering when the program focus changed to land and water resources and bioprocess engineering.

Summer 2004: Former Dean Sharon Quisenberry initiated the discussion of a plan to build a series of new buildings for the College.

March 2005: The Human and Agricultural Biosciences Building project was added to the 2006-2012 Capital Plan request for the 2006-2008 biennium.

FST Chemistry Lab

September 2008: Pre-planning began with the initial cost of $399,872.

July 2009: Builder Skanska was hired for pre-construction services.

November 2010: After the detailed plan completion, Governor McDonnell recommended the project in his capital plan request and the Legislature approved the funding.

September 2011: The full project budget for construction was authorized at a cost of $53 million, funded by state funds through the Agriculture Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Division (Agency 229).

December 22, 2011: Notice to Proceed for construction was issued. Construction began.

August 2012: The concrete structure completed.

October 2012: The first Hokie Stone placed on the building’s exterior.

January 2013: The building to be weather-tight, allowing for work to continue on the interior.

May 2013: Building façade to be completed.

November 2013: Estimated completion date.