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National Agriculture Week

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What is National Ag Week?

National Agriculture Week acknowledges and celebrates the agricultural industry and the role it plays in stabilizing the economy. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech will honor this holiday by bringing awareness and giving thanks to those responsible for our food, fiber and renewable energy.


How To Celebrate National Ag Week:


Attend a local event or market

The Blacksburg Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 10am-2pm. The market features growers of locally grown produce and meats, alongside artisans of baked goods, prepared foods, cheese, handmade crafts, and so much more!


Talk about it on social media

Talk about the importance of agriculture and contribute to spreading awareness and being proud of our farmers. Make it a trend on social media and invite others to the cause.


Visit a local farm

This week-long celebration is a great time to visit a farm and support our local farmers. We are lucky to have so many local farms in the area! 

Upcoming Events

Location: West End Market
Time: 10:30 am-7 pm
Come enjoy local food dishes celebrating Virginia’s top agricultural commodities! Special Ag Week meals will be offered at all dining locations in West End Market. 

Hey There…Did you Know That’s Ag?

All across campus, you will find various agricultural fun fact signs. How many can you find?