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Previous Dean's Award: Employee of the Year Winners

Year Name Department
2018-2019 Gail Jamison Executive Secretary Senior, Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center  
2017-2018 Sandy Seals Bedford County Virginia Cooperative Extension
2016-2017 Jeanell Smith Family Nutrition Program - Virginia Cooperative Extension
2015-2016 David Dunaway Eastern Virginia AREC
2014-2015 Jonathan Dickerson Turfgrass Research Center
2013-2014 Marsha Wright Frederick County Extension
2012-2013 Lee Johnson Animal and Poultry Sciences
2011-2012 Dianne Bourne Food Science and Technology
2010-2011 Patricia Williams Animal and Poultry Sciences
2009-2010 Julia Gregory CALS Adminstration
2008-2009 Dougas A. Redd Tidewater AREC
2007-2008 Janet Rinehart Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise
2006-2007 Thomas Wilchynski Hampton Roads AREC
2005-2006 Linda Burcham Communications and Marketing
2004-2005 Tom Mcavoy Entomology
2003-2004 Beth Ebel CALS Administration
2002-2003 Trina Pauley Food Science and Technology
2001-2002 Bud Wilmouth Southern Piedmont AREC
2000-2001 Amy Gray Virginia Cooperative Extension
1999-2000 Pat Ballard CALS Administration
1998-1999 Terry Rakestraw Food Science and Technology
1997-1998 Linda Akers CALS Administration
1996-1997 Scotty Bolling Entomology
1995-1996 Diane Reaver Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
1994-1995 George Stanger Crop and Soil Sciences
1993-1994 Leon Alley Biological Systems Engineering