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CALS Global Strategic Priorities

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I.  Invest in issues that affect the quality of life and the human condition globally.
II.  Catalyze breakthrough and disruptive innovation in the agricultural and life sciences.
III.  Create champions for complex global challenges and engagement.
IV.  Drive the global conversation and decision-making about agricultural productivity growth.
V.  Connect and convene partners in the international multisectoral ecosystem of agriculture and life sciences.
VI.  Strengthen the reputation and renown of CALS and Virginia Tech.
I.  Increase resources for the college and CALS Global through.
·        Building and leverage partnerships
·        Effective bids for competitive opportunities (<$5M)
·        Developing non-competitive funding streams
II.  Grow private sector and non-academic partnerships and collaboration.
III.  Foster and promote disruptive innovation and thought leadership on topics related to CALS’ strengths – food, environment, health, and economy.
IV.  Focus our work through four initiatives:
·        Global Agricultural Productivity Initiative
·        Global Opportunity Initiative
·        Global Student Leaders Initiative
·        Global Partnerships and Innovation Initiative

CALS Global Operational Hierarchy

CALS Global Operational Hierarchy
GAP Initiative
·        June 2022 - International event in Nairobi, Kenya – 100 attendees
·        October 2022 - Launched the 2022 GAP Report® at the National Press Club in Washington, DC in partnership with USDA and the Sustainable Productivity Growth Coalition – 450 attendees
·        October 2023 – 2023 GAP Report® Launch
·        November 2023 – GAP Initiative Event in Latin America
·        Aggressive UN and multilateral engagement strategy for advocacy and mobilizing action in agricultural productivity.
·        $1.1M in new gifts committed.
·        $85,000 in public funding awarded.
Global Opportunity Initiative
·        June 2022 – Capstone Trip to Kenya (4 faculty)
·        Resulted in the design of a One Health student experiential learning project for 2023
·        2023 – Redesigning GOI to strengthen international team science across CALS focus areas.
Global Student Leaders Initiative
·        Spring 2022 – 8 students participated in the inaugural student leaders program.
·        2023 – Strengthening the student leaders program based on participant feedback.
·        Experiential learning projects
·        October 2022 – World Food Programme, Cambodia
·        April 2023 – AgUnity, Ethiopia
·        Working with GAP Initiative technical partners to create opportunities and internships for student learning.
Global Partnerships and Innovation Initiative
·        $45,000 invested in faculty innovation and research in 12 countries.
·        2022 - 35 new partnerships developed globally; working on connections with 12 new partners.
·        $80M USDA award for climate smart agriculture. 
·        Leveraged about $50,000 from other VT units and external partners for innovative research. 
The vision of CALS Global is to harness the best of CALS to solve pressing challenges in food, agriculture, and health around the world.
The mission of CALS Global is to build partnerships, drive thought leadership, and create opportunities - to serve globally.