The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Global Programs office challenges students from all backgrounds and disciplines to explore, learn, and engage with other cultures through study abroad, international research, and outreach opportunities.

Explore these opportunities to travel the world and discover your passions — while gaining valuable skills and making progress towards your degree.  

Our students and faculty engage in international research and study abroad opportunities throughout the year. Here are some highlights!

Selected Programs

Summer 2019

In collaboration with TUM-Weihenstephan faculty and staff, Virginia Tech's Department of Food Science and Technology is pleased to offer an exemplary course for students at the prestigious Weihenstephan Brewing Research institution. This three-credit course is offered as part of a bilateral student exchange with Technische Universität München and will be taught in English by the TUM-Weihenstephan faculty. Visit the 2018 TUM student blogs about experiential craft brewing in the U.S.

  • Germany: Equine Science

The core purpose of this experience is for students to gain first-hand knowledge of the German sport horse industry and introduce students to equine science from a different perspective. Students are given guided tours of some of the most important breeding, training, and sales centers in the world. They are afforded an opportunity to network with the world's best owners, breeders, and trainers and meet with and interview a select group of the world's most successful professionals. For more information contact: Dr. Caroline Leeth

Winter 2020

The 2019 session is full, but look for this program again for the winter of 2020! South Africa has a dual agricultural economy – well-developed commercial farming and substance-based production in the rural areas. This two-week study abroad program through the Stellenbosch University will explore food security issues. The course will focus on food production, distribution and utilization as well as the potential wildlife contributions to food security in South Africa. This three-credit course is open to all majors.

This is a unique, intense three-week study abroad experience in Australia. Students will study natural resource, market and regulatory constraints and opportunities in the dairy, sheep and beef industries in Australia. Additionally, students will compare farm management; animal health and environmental concerns; and training and management of farm labor in the U. S. to that in Australia, and explore the cultures and people of Australia. Pre-requisites for this three-credit course are: AAEC 1006 or ECON 2006, AND APSC 1454 or DASC 2474 or AAEC 2434 or CSES 3114 or CSES 3134.

In this two-week study abroad course, students will explore similarities and differences in agriculture in the U. S. and Brazil. Additionally, students will gain invaluable perspectives on globally important societal issues associated with agriculture, the environment, and resource conservation through visits with policy makers, farmers, researchers and others. This three-credit course is open to all majors.

  • Winter Study Abroad in Costa Rica - Global Issues in Sustainability

Look for this program again for the winter of 2020! Travel to a variety of rural, and urban settings to learn about water management, ecotourism, agribusiness, biology, forestry, and renewable materials issues. The course balances different teaching methods to increase the learning process to reflect on past, present, and future of natural resources in a developing country and their relationship to other geographies such as United States. This three-credit course is open to all majors.

  • Visit Tech's Global Education Office to explore opportunities in Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, South Korea, and other countries around the world.  

A group of students from the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences spent two weeks in Ecuador trekking in the Amazon, scaling the Andes, and exploring the Galapagos to learn how they could use agriculture as a means to help the world.

International Week at Virginia Tech
The Parade of Flags on campus kicks off International Week at Virginia Tech.


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